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Although most of our thoughts are speculation, some of them may prove to be spoilers, so spoiler warning.

A couple of weeks ago, a brand new trailer for Deadpool 2 finally dropped.

It’s actually the third trailer to be released, and this one was overflowing with information. Which we will happily cover today.

The trailer starts off with the awkward and hilarious Dopinder played perfectly by Karan Soni who seems to have become Deadpool’s full time personal driver.

As he sits in his cab, the song “I’m all out of Love” by Air Supply is playing on the radio.

Now this reminded me of the opening scene in the first Deadpool movie where the song playing is “Angel of the morning” by Juice Newton.

It’s nice to see them continuing the nostalgia trend by including not only 80’s and beyond references, but also some 80’s classic music.

This can also be a nod to Reynolds, or a poke at him like he’s done in the first Deadpool movie when referencing things such as his portrayal of the Green Lantern, or how FOX handled his character Deadpool in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And let’s not forget he did sing that song back in 2002 in the film Van Wilder.

Deadpool rounds a corner being chased by a dozen thugs, and he’s yelling out “start the car start the car.”

For me, this is referencing the classic 1981 Raiders of The Lost Arc where Indiana Jones is trying to escape a tribe of savages and is yelling “start the engine” as he runs towards the camera.

Oh yeah! Good call.

You disagree?

No I thought it was a reference to Ikea like in the first Deadpool movie.

Yeah, you never saw the commercial?

I see your point!

Next we see a couple of action sequences set in different locales. And then something that caught my attention.

Deadpool sporting a pair of stripper stilettos, my question is: Why would he be wearing these?

Possibly a wager or a dare with Venessa or maybe Domino or one of the other ladies on the team?

Someone telling Deadpool, “if you think it’s so easy, why don’t you try it for a day?”

I’d say that’s a wager right up Wade Wilson’s alley.

And then we get the gluten joke.

This is a more obvious reference to Superman 4: The Quest for Peace, when superman rounded up all the nukes on the planet in a giant net and flung them into the sun.

Then we get a new look at Josh Brolin’s Cable, sporting that teddy bear on his hip. I’m very curious about the teddy bear’s backstory and how it fits into the narrative.

Is it something he’s held on since he was a child, or does it belong to someone else?

Cable’s storyline seems very reminiscent of Terminator or even Looper, where a character returns from the future to prevent something from happening.

In this case, he’s here for the kid. The “kid” in this case is played by Julian Dennison whose character still remains a mystery. But we can speculate, as so many others already have.

One of the characters that was speculated, because of his physicality, was Butterball. I’m gonna squash this one right away.

Although there may be physical similarities, I don’t think the powers line up. Butterball is virtually invulnerable to most mental and physical attacks, but he doesn’t have any pyrotechnical abilities as displayed by Dennison’s character in the trailer.

Sunspot makes a little more sense, a mutant with the ability to absorb and channel solar power. Sunspot can be related to the X-men, The New Mutants and X-Force as well.

And then we have Pyro. Who’s power is the ability to control fire. In the comics he’s been an enemy to the X-Men and was a member of the brotherhood of evil Mutants.

The character of Pyro has also appeared as a student of Xavier’s in 2003 in X-men 2 but ends up defecting to Magneto’s team by the end of that film.

Another speculated character would be Evan Sabahnur, from the all new X-Men comics.

He’s also had a few different aliases such as Genesis, Death, En Sabah Nur, kid Apocalypse and my favourite, Apocalypsicchio. Like a cross between Apocalypse and Pinocchio.

A great theory out of Rotten Tomatoes was that In the comics, Cable returns to the past to find Hope, a young girl that the apocalyptic Phoenix Force considers as a new host after the death of Jean Grey also known as the Dark Phoenix.

Possibly tying into the upcoming 2019 X-Men movie with the same title. They’d be switching the character gender of course. But if it does pan out, it would be tying directly into that movie.

The trailer seems to confirm Terry Crews’s character, we get to see a headshot of Crews with the name Bedlam at the bottom of the pic.

Previously speculated was George Washington Bridge from six pack, and also Hammer from the fictional marvel comics multiverse, Earth 616. But after seeing the trailer I’m pretty sure we can put those to bed.

In the same headshot scene there’s also a pic of comedian Rob Delaney with the name Peter. Could this be Peter Rasputin? Delaney doesn’t seem big enough to be able to pull off Colossus, so perhaps he’s another character such as Pete Wisdom? In the comics, Wisdom is a British Secret Service agent with the mutant ability to throw blades of energy or “hot knives” from his fingertips.

Those are Deadpool’s gloves by the way in that scene, handling the photos, is he picking out the X-Force team?

Other characters that we can expect to see, but are not yet sure who they might be portraying are Shioli Katsuna’s character whom, according to Jeremy Conrad, maybe a new character named Yoyki.

But, dare we speculate who else she might be playing.

Psylocke, although unlikely because her character has already been established and portrayed in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse where she was played by Olivia Munn.

She can also be Surge from the new mutants. Her outfit does resemble an X-men uniform.

Her powers are consistent with what is portrayed in the trailer, she absorbs electricity at all times, from static in the air, to electrical appliances, outlets, or pretty much anything with power surging through it.

She needs to wear special gauntlets at all times to regulate her power.

And her Character might also be Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s Love interest. The role being reprised of course by the incredible Briana Hilderbrand.

She was awesome in the first one, I hope she gets more screen time in this one.

And Speaking of returning characters, Morena Baccarin returns as Venessa, The Yin to Deadpool’s Yang.

Stefan Kapicic as the voice of our favourite steel plated mutant Colossus.

And of Course the quick witted, foul mouthed and always entertaining T.J. Miller as Weasel.

Let’s not forget to mention a couple of other new characters making their first appearance in the Deadpoolverse.

Zazie Beets as Domino. In addition to her exceptional marksmanship and hand to hand skills, domino possesses mutant probability altering powers, similar to those of the mutant Longshot.

She often uses her skills as a mercenary, but has also been the partner, confidant, and love interest to Cable.

If the filmmakers will be pursuing that relationship in the film remains to be seen, but I’d love to see that. Like in the first film, they could promote it as a romantic comedy.

Bill Skarsgard who recently played Pennywise in the reboot of Stephen King’s it has just too many possibilities as to who his character might be.

He could be playing Richter, Dr. Nemesis, Garrison Kane, Chamber or Solo.

Yeah but who do you think he might be playing?

I think he might be playing Zeitgeist. For two reasons. One, he seems to be wearing a protective mask over his mouth in the trailer, which is in line with the comic book character.

Two, his super power is that he is able to spew acidic vomit from his mouth. Vomit that could burn through 10 cm thick steel in less than 30 seconds. That’s a superpower the Deadpool himself would love to have.

The last character that I want to mention that I and many others spotted, in a literal, blink and you will miss it shot. Is Shatterstar.

In the comics Shatterstar has a super human level of physical and mental attributes, senses, strength, speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility, stamina and intelligence.

All of which are augmented to a ridiculous degree.

The similarities between Shatterstar’s comic book costume, and the costume portrayed in the trailer are undeniable. I’m almost positive it’s him.

A few Other references I would like to point out, there’s one near the end of the trailer where deadpool is sporting a yellow mesh shirt.

This could be a number things including an homage to comic book character Rictor from the 90’s. Or it could be a poke at Negasonic’s costume from the first Deadpool film.

I also loved the X-Force baptism from Deadpool.

An obvious jab at the Wakanda salute from Black Panther.

Really? I took it as wink to Wonder Woman.

There are two assumptions that I came across while researching this video, the first one was that Cable is here to kill the kid.

Now although Deadpool does say that in the trailer, I think it still remains unclear if he’s really there to kill him or simply bring him back to the future.

It might just be an assumption on the part of Deadpool. But I’m not yet convinced that it is Cable’s true motivation.

And my second one is more of a “jump to” conclusion, which is an easy conclusion to jump to given the dialogue.

I don’t think they’re talking about the possibilities of a Deadpool 3.

Even Reynolds himself tweeted that it fell somewhere between Godfather 2 and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights when the new trailer released.

Reynolds could also be poking fun at his wife Blake lively, they have been known to troll each other publicly and he does mention The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants in the trailer. His wife was in both those films.

Or it can simply be any number of movies, The Empire Strikes Back, Spider-Man 2, Blade 2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Batman Returns, Mad Max 2, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn, Evil Dead 2, The Dark Knight, Toy Story 2, Aliens…we can do this all day….

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