Can’t we all just get along? War is good for nothing (according to that song) so wouldn’t individual wars, arguments, also be good for nothing?

We all know the drill folks, Chris disagrees. Hell, arguments are the entire point of this channel, and today it’s being defended.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Chris Taylor, and I am the Advocate of the Devil!

There are many different types of people who will be in your life. Some are automatic, your family, brothers and sisters and parents and uncles. Others will take a little bit more work but similar results, those would be your friends and partners, your co-workers.

For life to go as smoothly as possible, it helps to be able to get along with as many people as possible. Sadly, that is not always the case. You’re going to have a boss who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. You’ll have a distant uncle who is stuck in jail, and while YOU agree with HIS side, the rest of the family believes in the law!

We have wars on every corner of the globe, people who just can’t get along!

There are times where I honestly wished that we all just had the same sense of justice and right, that we all could just stop fighting and live in peace and harmony. After all, wouldn’t that make life better for everyone on the planet? No fighting, just… tranquility?

… Buuuuut here’s the thing: We all have different opinions, different thoughts, and that’s going to breed conflict on occasion. And that’s not a bad thing. Arguments are GOOD.

We’ve all been faced with situations where disagreements are completely unavoidable. That’s the thing about adults, we have this thing in our heads that we can’t all think the same. Sometimes we believe something different.

Growing up, there will be plenty of times where someone will say one of two things: Respect your elders and don’t disagree with them, OR Be the bigger person and let the other person believe whatever they want to, both of which is incredibly Altruistic, and there’s nothing wrong with that…

Unless you’re right. And then my God does it feel good to argue your point.

Here’s the real facts: A lot of people hold back. They don’t fight for what they believe in, they hardly ever believe in ANYTHING really, and because we all want to be accepted, we don’t fully form our own opinions.

Those few times we DO, we’re so afraid of offending people, or stepping on the wrong toes, that we don’t fight for what we actually DO believe in. This is especially true in relationships of both the familial and romantical varieties.

Tell me how familiar this sounds to you. You left the house early for work, but as you were walking out the door, you kiss your boyfriend goodbye, and see ya soon, and remind them to take out the trash when THEY are leaving to their own 9-5.

After your shift, you come back home and see the same load of dishes in the sink, the laundry isn’t put away, and the trash is still right where it was before you left. Sure, if this happens once or twice, it’s not that big a deal. Hell, the entire situation is just a couple of small things.

However… what if this happens every time? What if this has been going on for ages? You have every single solitary right to be upset with the situation! But… you stay silent, because you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.

The longer this goes on, the more it eats away at you. As the old adage goes, the road to Hell was paved on good intentions, and while your inner self realizes that this is just a small thing, a simple conversation will resolve things, you don’t have that talk… because you don’t want to start an argument.

When you are right, fight for it.

Now, of course… this is the Devil’s Advocate, the show where we argue the opposite side of things. What about the case of arguments, where there are 2 sides, both of which are equally of value? Then by the grace of he who is most unholy, we will fight both sides.

Because as much as we may want things to be different, as much as we would love to be on the moral high ground each and every single time, as much as we believe we are infallible… we aren’t. We’re only human. And humans suck.

Here’s the problem with us as a society, and I do believe I’ve brought it up before…

… Right. The thing is, if you’re over the age of seven, once you start formulating thoughts and opinions of your own, you start taking personal offence to ANY opposition. Specifically the word No.

You aren’t always going to get your way. And just like there are times where you will, it’s Okay to take a step back and concede! It’s not giving up, it’s not a sign of weakness!

We as a society have always had problems with losing. Arguments, debates, video games, a five dollar bill that you thought was in your pocket but you realize you may have left it on the kitchen table as you were heading to work. When things go your way…

And that’s where arguments, at the end of the day, are a good thing. Whether you win, OR you lose. Winning an argument is always fun, but losing? Losing humbles you, it brings you down a peg.

Losing will show you what NOT to do next time. Much like in failure, but there is specific things in arguments that will teach you how to be a better person in the long run. Humility in the face of defeat, the willingness to learn not only from the situation, but from the other person as well.

The one thing I’ve noticed is especially true on this here Internet is the prevailing NEED for everyone to think exactly the same as you. If you have a certain game console, then EVERYONE needs to know just how much better that one is than all the others. Even if it isn’t!

You like a certain movie? Think an artist you used to enjoy has suddenly sold out? Well if someone agrees with you than they’re perfectly fine, but it’s the end of the freaking world if they disagree with you.

Hell, take a look at ANY of our Star Wars defenses here to see how that one plays out. I’m either jumping through mental hoops in an attempt to see the other side of things, or I’m mentally ill… all for having the gall of having an opinion that isn’t shared by Youtube Commenter five oh six dash Bee.

The reason why I love doing this, the reason why I started it, was to show that having a different opinion than someone else was a good thing. Keep in mind, I am saying a different opinion here. On this planet there is no shortage of opinions, just don’t assume that means freedom of fact.

Because when it comes to the cold hard truth, despite having many sides, there really is a difference between the truth, and what we want. Wishing something was different doesn’t make it different.

Up until a stated side CAN be taken as fact, debate, hash it out, fight if you must. Arguments are an excellent way of determining where your limits are, and where the other person’s limits are too! You learn so much from others, especially other people’s thoughts!

Don’t let the need to be right override your common decency to at least let the other side be heard though. The internet seems tailor made to pigeon hole everyone into an Us vs. Them mentality, to only find like minded people. Find people whose views differ from yours, because that’s the surest way to both know if you are right, or if you still have some room to learn.

And you know I’m serious, because I’m waiting until the end before pointing out the pun up there about being Taylor Made.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I do hope I managed to shed some light into the positive aspects of arguing with your friends and foes alike. Whether it be in the joys of being right, or the knowledge gained from being proven wrong, arguments are a great way of finding out your truest you, because nobody out there can be youer than you.

Opinions are like Assholes, everyone has one, but nobody really wants to hear about it. I, as always, forcefully disagree, because to me, opinions are the lifeblood of our world! So seek them out, find those who think like you and learn from those who don’t.

Have the courage to open your mind up to the maybe’s, the maybe you aren’t always correct in your assertions, that your opinions could be just that, and not fact.

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But for now, in the case of Arguments… The Defense Rests.

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