The movie that almost single handedly killed off the entire super hero movie genre… NOT! This week, Chris defends the cinematic tour de force that is Batman and Robin.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Chris Taylor and I am the advocate of the devil!

Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? A Plane? NO! It’s a super hero movie franchise! Comic book characters and unprecedented scenarios and convoluted storylines, oh my! This past decade has seen an unbelievable increase in the amount of caped crusaders that we get to enjoy on the big, small, and internet screens. Thankfully, they’ve all been… well, they all exist anyways.

It wasn’t always like that though. It used to take years, sometimes almost a decade before we would see these comic book characters come to life. And franchises? Big budget blockbusters need not treat these heroic characters with any semblance of respect.

Enter The Batman. DC’s one Ace in the hole. Beginning with Tim Burton in 1989, Bruce Wayne’s adventures on the big screen have been largely up and down. You get one good movie, like the original, then a not so good one, like Batman returns. You get some great character actors for Batman Forever… and then there’s Batman and Robin. Universally looked at as one of the worst in the whole bunch.

This movie bombed so hard that we needed to get a whole franchise reboot to wash the bad taste out of our collective mouths. And while Christian Bale did an admirable job of making us forget this atrocity of a movie, one could say that Batman and Robin will never, EVER be looked kindly on… Right?

… Buuut here’s the thing. Despite it’s many flaws, I actually enjoy watching this flick, and hopefully after I state my case, you fine folk will see it in a new light as well.

Now this is a tall order, to be sure. I’m not going to lie, there are plenty of faults with this flick. The thing is, there are problems with every movie on the planet.

So take a moment, and do a little bit of Facebook stalking. Go ahead! I want you to find me on the book of facing, and scroll down. Because whether it’s something that I shared myself, or something that was posted on my wall by a friend, there is one thing that remains a relative constant.

PUNS! WORDPLAY! And the occasional rant.

And that’s why when this happened, and then this right here, and then one more time, I was eccstatic!

And don’t worry, I won’t subject you to any more of that. Wouldn’t want to give my fans the… Cold Shoulder!
But puns and wordplay, that’s my jam! It’s in my top favorite things of all time. And that’s exactly the point!

Under normal circumstances we see a Batman or, hell any comic book character and they start believing their own hype, taking themselves entirely too seriously. And this movie bucked that particular trend.

And you know, it reminded me of something else. The Adam West Batman series!

There was another series that was steeped in lore straight from the comic books, filled to the brim with memorable characters, and for the longest time… that was our Batman!

Nowadays we have broody, angsty, angry *Insert clip from Batman Begins where Christian Bale screams “Swear to me” to the gangster guy* Batman, but back in the 60’s this WAS Batman! It’s how he was portrayed in the comics, it’s how he was shown to hundreds of thousands if not millions all around the world!

And there’s nothing wrong with that! What is one of our catchphrases here at Devious Advocacy? Ah yes, that’s right. And it’s the same thing here.

But if we had already had the broody goth style Batman, wouldn’t this be taking a step backwards? Well… not really. This was a necessary step.

See, for all intents and purposes, comic books are stories for kids. WAIT WAIT WAIT, don’t write that angry comment down below. I’m not saying that adults can’t read them. I’m not saying that there aren’t some comics that were designed for an adults mind!

But truly think about what most superhero’s are: A 20 to 40 something adult prancing around in their underwear punching guys and girls with different opinions than them. Yup, that is definitely some infantile thinking.

So when Tim Burton’s Batman, the first one, was largely successful, and he had largely free reign to do what he wanted… he made a dark, demented, twisted movie that still had the aesthetics of the first… but it scared the bejeesus out of a lot of people.

Movie going audiences, advertisors… and yes, even me. I couldn’t watch it all the way through! I actually couldn’t watch it until a few years ago… but at that point it was more lack of interest rather than any residual fear.

So Batman Forever comes out and it does pretty well for itself so Joel Schumacher has the opportunity to do what Tim Burton did after HIS first success and that is make a movie that is entirely his own vision!

To me, it was a necessary move to make. You know why I said comics are for kids? You want to know why Marvel is so successful at what they’re doing? And Disney before it? And Star Wars?

Because they targeted children first and foremost! Because there are still comics aimed at kids! Because of places like Burger King and McDonalds that will toss in their toys with every kids meal! Not quite free, but strong marketing!

And people who are fans of things as children will continue to be fans of those things as an adult. Some people call it nostalgia but I just call it being a fan! It’s why I love the Star Wars movies, and pro wrestling, and video games. I loved them as a kid.

As I love the Batman….. And Robin.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into exactly what I appreciate out of the Razzy award nominated Batman and Robin. Whether it be in the puns, the puns for days, or the homage to the Adam West version back from the 60’s, Batman and Robin was NOT the horrible movie that most, air quotes Fans would like to claim it was!

If you want the broody angsty Batman, he still exists. Me? I like options, and this movie provided that for me.

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Finally and most importantly, let us know in the comments below what you think. Is Batman and Robin the worst of Bruce Wayne’s Caped Crusades? By all means, let your own views clash with my own… so that I may proceed to prove you wrong.

But for now, in the case of Batman and Robin… The Defense Rests.