Every once in a while, a suggestion is made that makes us scratch our collective heads. Godzilla 1998, a movie we grew up with… And people didn’t like it?

Never fear, Chris Taylor is here to defend that which is requested. This week, Godzilla takes the stand.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Chris Taylor, and I am the Advocate of the Devil!

At least, normally I am. But the beauty of taking my thoughts and putting them out for public consumption is hearing the opinions of others. A lot of the times things go super wicked awesomely, and some of the time… errr… not so much.

The one surprise since we started this channel is the number of people who have given suggestions for episodes. There are times where I immediately start brainstorming ideas and can get a full fledged episode out quickly, and entertaining…ly… is that a word?

Other times, I get a skeleton, but it takes a little bit of time to fully be fleshed out. That’s where the Lil Devil’s episodes come in, so y’all can get a taste of what the Chris Taylor is Cooking.

But then there are the big surprises. Times where a suggestion is sent my way and I have to take a step back and go… Wait a sec, people don’t like that?

This week, that’s the kind of episode this is going to be. Growing up, I would go to movies all the time, and one of those was the Roland Emrick disaster flick, Godzilla. Young and impressionable me saw this and thought the movie was pretty damn good.

Also there was a cartoon series, which helped me enjoy it even more. See also Men in Black, The Mask, and Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

I always have and always will love getting opinions on things, and admitting when I’m wrong… well, I’m hardly ever wrong, but in this case, maybe I was? Maybe Godzilla wasn’t as good as I thought in my youth. So, as a big thank you to all my peeps, today’s episode is a viewer request. Let’s delve into exactly why I liked Godzilla 1998.

Whenever I think of director Roland Emrick, I think of explosions. I think of disasters. I think of big, dumb, turn off your brain action style movies where the plot is thin and the action doesn’t stop.

In seeking out the reasons why this particular movie was, at least from a critic’s perspective panned, I need only to look at the man’s filmography. The man doesn’t exactly have a varied body of work. But that’s okay in my book.

When I go to a movie, I don’t want reality. I already live IN reality, and real life sucks sometimes. Critics need to fill columns, or screen time, or sound bites, whatever their particular mode of expressing themselves happens to be. And because of that, it’s invariably easier to fill said time with negativity.

Something we’ve been trying to avoid in our own work here on THIS channel.

The point is, when a director seems to be a one trick pony, the easiest thing is to just point that out and go “when are we going to get something different?”

Because, you know, people want different, right?

The point is, there is room for all of it. There’s room for serious movies, room for children’s movies masquerading as social analogys, and plenty of room for the big budget mindless destructothons as well.

But then there are the purists, the one’s who look at the History of a given property and want things to stay at least along the same lines as what came before.

Godzilla, or Gojira as it’s known where it came from, and also referenced within THIS movie I may point out *Insert clip of the blonde saying “It’s Gojira, you moron”* As a character was a commentary on Japan and it’s post World War II Nuclear fallout after the A-Bomb.

Kind of… See what started out as a look into what Nuclear power can do to a country quickly turned into “Let’s watch these weird looking massive mutant creatures punch and claw at each other”. And while that can be interesting, and certainly was, at the time… seeing the same thing over and over again becomes predictable. Boring. At least to me.

But hey, even those purists got a movie like that as well. A couple of years ago we GOT a Godzilla movie that attempted to carry on the legacy of that creature. And… it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I mean, it was good, I liked it… I just couldn’t get into it the way I could with this one.

Godzilla 98 attempted to do something different with Godzilla. Focus more on the one creature and how humanity reacts to seeing a massive dinosaur like creature attack New York city. I’ve always been a fan of DIFFERENT things.

Show me a new spin, a different take on an established character and I am there. Even if it doesn’t work as well as we all might hope, at least it’s an attempt at something we haven’t seen before! And that, to me, is infinitely more interesting than a movie just checking things off a list.

… Most of the time. See, Godzilla 98 did something that had me squeeling like a little girl even in theatres. See, I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park movies. In fact, after watching the first movie, I immediately set out for my local library to find the book that the movie was based on, just to see the details that didn’t get included in the movie.

And despite being in Grade 3, YES I understood the book. So to all my former classmates of Elementary School, thank you for attempting to convince me that I was dumb. I wasn’t.

Except for right this instant, because THIS was one of my favorite parts from this particular movie…

That’s right. Baby Rapters!! …. Errr… ‘Zillas! Baby zillas acting like Rapters? I have no idea.

What I DO know is that right in the middle of my “giant nuclear lizard rampages around New York City” movie, I got another dose of my favorite bits of Jurassic Park thrown in for good measure!

Was it shoehorned in as an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of god ole JP? Of course! Even my nostalgia loving brain of current day can recognize that. Does it grind the plot of the movie to a complete stand still? Absolutely not!

Because there was hardly ever any plot to this things in the first place! Godzilla has always been a giant monstrosity that destroys everything in it’s path. What better way to raise the stakes than with a horde of smaller ones,

*Insert clip from the movie, “each capable of reproducing on it’s on… A Dawn of a New Species*

Velociraptors… Rawr!

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I do hope I managed to shed some light into the positive aspects of Roland Emricks Godzilla movie. Whether it be in showing us a different take on a classic movie monster, or just the fact that critics panned the man for going back to the well, something I don’t necessarily see as a bad thing, Godzilla 1998 is a movie worth seeing to this day.

And if you need one more reason… Try a hundred. A hundred baby Godzilla monsters that look and act like Velociraptors! You member Raptors right? I member…

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But for now, in the case of Godzilla nineteen ninety eight…. The Defense Rests.

I did that whole episode without referencing that Puff Daddy song once. You know, the one that uses the tune of Kashmir? The one that played everywhere and got stuck in everyone’s head?

And now it’s stuck in yours.

And I’m not even going to pretend to be sorry.

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