Aladdin, Prince Ali, the street rat! Is he the best option for leader of Agrabah? Some would say yes, as would the people who wrote those movies! But we don’t. We think Jafar is the best option, and today Chris Taylor is going to show you why.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Chris Taylor and I am the advocate of the Devil.

But the big D is not the only majorly under represented Bad Guy that I know of. In fact, almost every villain could be seen as the hero in whatever story he’s a part of, depending on your point of view.

Me, I love differing points of view, and I especially love how these so called “ne’er do wells” think. The way they act, and talk, and even sing their very own bad guy songs. And sure, there are times when Evil is just the way they are, but I’d say nine times out of ten there is more to it than meets the eye.

Take for instance Jafar from the Disney movie Aladdin. It is the commonly held belief that the man is just lusting for power, that he is evil through and through! I would politely disagree.

I think he is perfectly justified in his actions, the necessary undertakings of a man who is forced to deal with playing second fiddle to… well, I don’t want to give away my points before I take off this jacket.

So sit back and relax as I defend Jafar of Agrabah.

*opening credits*

The first point should be fairly obvious but I’m going to just state it anyways: The sultan is an idiot! He’s got a grand palace that’s largely empty, and what exactly has he done to better the living conditions of his people? From what we’ve seen, probably nothing!

And on a serious note, I’d say his control over the throne is somewhat in question even by his own royal guards. After all… *insert scene where Aladdin is grabbed by the guards to be taken prisoner*

I think that’s interesting right there. The Sultan should have absolute power, and when the princess reveals herself AS the princess, in theory she should be second in command, first once a prince has been found. But the guards differ to the royal Vizier’s authority in this particular case.

Later on, when “Prince Ali” show’s up, look at how quickly he lowers his guard at the impressive procession that just marches it’s way into the palace! No waiting for permission, just a giant elephant bursting inside. And what does he do? Fly around on a magic carpet!

I’d say that Jafar was only trying to protect the sovereign nation of Agrabah, to be rightfully doubtful of Aladdin’s true intent for barging in!

Which brings me to my second point: Who the hell is Prince Ali?
Sure, as an audience we see that it’s Aladdin, street urchin turned prince by the magical powers of Robin Williams ad-libbing abilities, BUT, where did he come from? How did he come to be a prince? All questions that Jafar was asking while the Sultan was off galavanting with a magical floating device!

Now that I think of it, if Carpet or even Aladdin had a moment of ill will towards the powers that be in Agrabah, wouldn’t it have been oh so very easy to just turn that flight upside down and murder the Sultan? It would have been simple! And it’s not like he was paying close enough attention to how to fly or anything… okay, sorry, went off track there. Let’s get back to the many lies of Aladdin.

He starts off as a simple poor boy, nobody loves him. *insert the part of Bohemian Rhapsody where Queen goes ‘he’s just a poor boy from a poor family”*

Wandering the streets of Agrabah, he rescues the princess from getting her arm chopped off, because for some reason the next in line of the ruling family doesn’t understand what stealing is, nor the consequences therein.

Now eventually Princess Pushy Pants, more on her later, realizes that Prince Ali is really the guy from the streets, and instead of doing what everyone else is flat out TELLING him to do.. *insert clip of the Genie saying to tell her the truth*, he keeps up the charade.

In real life, in non cartoon logic sequences, what do you think would have happened to our precious prince had he been caught in this? Would he have been allowed to just roam around the palace with no escort, wooing the Sultan’s only daughter?

He would have been carted off, kicking and screaming, and most likely had his head chopped off! One less poor person in the streets of Agrabah, screwing up the economy for everyone.

But Alas, the Prince of No Lands is pretty much allowed to do as he pleases, all thanks to magic. Magic that isn’t even his!

At the very least, Jafar is a sorcerer. He can do his own magic! He’s got a snake staff that allowed him to hypnotize the Sultan himself! And if that’s not enough, he is a master of disguise.

But there is in fact one other person standing in his way. One piece of the royal puzzle that would stop him from being the ultimate ruler of Agrabah. And that is the Princess.

A princess who has pushed every other possible suitor away. A princess who has a pet Tiger, a dangerous feline predator! And this.. This is your best option for ruling the land??

Now I’m all for reform in rules. Hell, I work for a man who’s name is synonymous with rebelling. But sometimes, those rules are in place for a reason! Keeping a land’s economy in check by marrying upwards! Keeping with royalty!

You see it in real life with people getting hitched for the sole purpose of increasing their bank accounts, or at least maintaining a certain status quo! But Jasmine has done everything in her power to shut down any potential person for marriage before they even have a chance to get to know each other!

Here’s the thing. I like independance in my women folk, a strong upstanding female who can stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in. But in THIS particular case, it is one step too far! It is absolute anarchy in Agrabah!

Which quite frankly scares the ever loving hell out of me because… what happens when she eventually does get into power? Will she be able to maintain her composure? Or will she start a fight with the first person who crosses her?

Can you imagine if this wasn’t a fictional character I was talking about? Impulsive, brash, doesn’t listen to anyone but themselves? It could very well lead the way to world war 3!!

And that is why Jafar would have been better suited to be Jasmine’s Suitor! He was calm, cool, and collected all throughout the first movie! He was motivated and accomplished things, using other people if necessary to get the job done!

And as Sultan, if there was anyone else who stood in his way, there would always be a diplomatic solution that is just a hypnotic snake staff away. You wouldn’t even know what hit you. And isn’t there something to be said about being blissful in one’s ignorance?

*closing statements*

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into why Jafar should have been named Sultan of Agrabah! Whether it be in the current Sultan’s Stupidity, or the outright hellashish ness of his daughter Jasmine, Jafar could very well have been exactly what Agrabah needed to remain prosperous.

And while we all know that politicians lie, we don’t like KNOWING that they’re lying, it’s just something we’ve all learned to deal with! Sadly, Prince Ali was one big fabrication, not even real, not even slightly, and so a hero? I say he is not.

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But above all else, let us know in the comments below what you think! Is Jafar just too evil to be made into a ruler? By all means, let your own views clash with my own… so that I may proceed to prove you wrong.

But for now, in the case of Jafar… The Defense Rests.

You know, I love me some Retro Super nintendo goodness, and I’ve always had a theory. In the SNES game, there’s a stage where in the background you see all these serpent heads. Jafar’s snake staff looks very much like that.

Is it a coincidence? Or in a deleted scene or backstory explanation, did Jafar get his staff from that Pyramid that you need to explore? Let me know what you think, eh?