Villainous characters are a thing we all enjoy watching, but this… This character isn’t evil per se, but is not one the Chris likes or understands.

In honor of that fact, we decided to challenge him to defend Michael Scott. Let us know how good a job he did in the comments below!

Hello ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Chris Taylor, and I am the Advocate of the Devil.

You know what I don’t understand? The Office. Specifically the American version, since I haven’t seen a single episode of the original. Even more specifically, the Michael Scott character.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Steve Carell anyways, but in this, he’s just a loud, obnoxious, oblivious ass hat! He’s probably my least favorite part of the whole show so far!

Every other character has some redeeming quality to them, something that stops them from being complete shit, but the boss… he’s the driving force behind me having trouble sticking with the series. My roomies and I have gotten as far as the end of season 7 now, and I’m actually looking more forward to the last two seasons than ALL of what we’ve watched up to this point.

… But that’s not my job. Those very same people that I live with pointed out that the entire point of this show is to talk about the positive sides of things. Brian Sargent in particular threw down the gauntlet: Defend Michael Scott.

And he’s got a good point. There’s so much negativity on this here internet, and if I can find some way to convince myself of the goodness within this character that I nigh loathe… then maybe I am worthy of calling myself the Devil’s Advocate.

So, B Ran of the North, this one’s for you. Today I defend Michael Scott from The Office.

With multiple episodes watched daily thanks to the Internet, and specifically Netflix, I was able to absorb the first seven seasons of this show, and this character, rather than getting bite sized portions spread out over years. In that way, the arc of the character, the evolution was observed more quickly.

From an outside perspective, pre-office viewings, I would still catch glimpses and see essentially a buffoon with very little redeeming qualities. In fact, if it wasn’t for Jim and Pam stealing damn near every scene you see them in, I would probably have walked out of the room immediately rather than after I was done eating dinner in the living room those few times.

But it’s difficult to quantify someone’s worth in random snippets. It helps immensely to have a clear view of a person from point A to B, from where he or she starts at the series to where he ends up at the end, or at least the end of his inclusion.

I am actually going to surprise myself a bit here in saying that Michael Scott actually knows what the hell he’s doing! Yes, those glimpses into his skill are rare, which is probably the main reason why I never saw it with those one or two brief glimpses I had seen before going through his entire tenure in the show, but it’s also undeniable.

Man, I can’t believe I just said that.

Seriously though, how many managers did he outlast? How many people in the upper echelons of Dunder Mifflin had to get replaced, only for Michael Scott to stick around? In the end, when Mr. Scott finally does leave the show, it’s not in handcuffs, or by two strong security people throwing him out of the building. It’s by his own accord.

You also get a brief glimpse into what actually brought him to the management table to begin with: his ability to make sales. Again, not the main focus of the show, (that would be the rest of the people in The Office, more on that in a moment), but those few times when he’s dealing face to face with his clients he is quite obviously capable of being a salesman, rather than just a manager should the need arise.

Dunder Mifflin is a paper company. It’s a desk job. It’s being on the phone, and occasionally meeting face to face with those few customers who have decided not to just bite the bullet and shop at bureau en gros… errr…. The english version of this is Staples right? Something like that.

Either way, it’s a soul crushing, numb making, BORING job! If you can believe one Fan theory, the reason why there’s even a film crew AT Dunder Mifflin in the first place is that one of the employee’s killed themselves, and because of the nature of the job, (no matter what, someone’s gotta do it), it’s a look at how the lives of their co-workers continue regardless, almost like said person was never there in the first place.

I mean, it doesn’t explain why shows like Brooklyn 99 or Parks and Rec have the same camera stylings, but it’s an interesting theory nonetheless. It also helps my second point. Michael Scott is Fucking Nuts.

He is absolutely insane! With the accents, and the characters, how he gets in the way of everything and practically sabatoges all the good will that one COULD be saying about him.

And you know what? At a job as mindlessly unwanted but still needed to pay the bills as Dunder Mifflin is, you need that! To a certain degree anyways. You need that extra seat on the crazy train and you kind of want someone entertaining to go along for the ride with you.

He’s the kind of person who is going to take your mind off your job, provide a distraction. And sure, not every bit he does is good, but you know what? Not every bit that ANY body does is good!

Before doing this, I had another Youtube channel. And while I wouldn’t change the experience of it, it wasn’t very good. Before that, I had another character based on a nickname I gave myself in High School. Sure, there are a few moments here and there that aren’t completly terrible, but it’s also not nearly at the quality of what we’re doing now.

It’s the same with the craziness of Michael Scott. He’s always playing a character, always doing a bit. And a lot of times he crashes and burns. But I’m sure there are some people out there who like what he was doing. And if you’re one of those people, let me know what the hell I’m missing!!

There was one thing that did take me completely off guard. It was unexpected, and only because I saw the progression of the series, seen it from the beginning without missing an episode, only then that I was able to see a glimmer of hope.

For all his faults, for all his showboating in front of the camera, for all the metaphorical masks he wears in the public eye… he truly does care about his team.

It doesn’t get shown often. Hell, I’d argue that it doesn’t get shown NEARLY enough, but I can’t say it’s not there. When Jim is finally ready to admit to himself that he’s in love with Pam, he says it to Michael. Why? Because he’s willing to listen, and advise.

In fact, if you take the time to watch every episode, I’m sure there are one on one moments that he has with damn near every character that shows how much he wants them to succeed, how much he wants them to be happy!

I mean… except the resident HR rep. But he’s management, it’s almost literally his job to hate HR.

The problem with Mike, and I find it’s the same with quite a few people actually, is the camera! He’s not comfortable in front of a crew of people who are supposed to be observing his work. They’re invading his personal space in a way.

But there’s also the prospective audience of tens of thousands if not millions of viewers when the documentary finally airs! Have you seen how quickly people change the moment they realize that even a small group of people are paying attention to them? Amplify that with a film crew. It’s like your brain rapidly rewires itself, and not always in a good way.

But take the crowd, take the camera’s out, and that very same person goes back to normal… or at least normal for them. At his core, Michael Scott’s heart is in the right place…

It’s not even just his crew that he cares about. Scotts Totts. I was warned ahead of time that this was one of the cringiest episodes of the show. But for once, I saw it as endearing. I saw this character that I just couldn’t understand, and I saw a legitimate effort to improve the lives of other people and not just himself.

Of course in typical fashion it didn’t work, but that’s just like life, isn’t it?

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into the positive aspects of Michael Scott. Whether it be in his ability to do his job better than those even higher up than himself, or just the fact that you never know just what’s going to come out of his mouth, Michael Scott is certainly one of the more interesting characters to be on television.

And when the chips are down, and you need a friend, someone you can talk to and who will treat you like a human being… There’s Jim. But Michael would come in at a close second… that’s something, right?

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But for now, in the case of Michael Scott… The Defense Rests.

… Word.

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