Ah the joys of zombies. They’re scary, bitey, and all around all over the place… y, but the walking dead has stood the test of time.

Rick Grimes is our protagonist throughout the series… but should he be? This week, Chris looks at Negan, and points out why he may very well be the hero we need, but not the one we deserve.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Negan and I am the Advocate of the Devil.

Zombie apocalypses are everywhere. Gaming, movies, TV shows, books! They’re all over the place. If you’re watching this at work, you may be looking over at someone in the break room right now, they could be a zombie too, who knows??

The truth of the matter is… it’s too much. There is a mountain of Zombie stuff out there, the cause is… and I’m almost ashamed of this one folks… Basically beating a dead horse. But that’s one of the reason’s why I loved the earlier season’s of the walking dead.

And I do mean the earlier seasons. Focusing more on the humans than the monsters, we get to see just how badly society breaks down once everything goes to hell. And that is why a compelling villain is necessary!

Looking at just the ratings themselves, viewership was never higher than the middle of the series, essentially when The Governor was around, and to be fair he was a good bad guy…

…. Buuuut here’s the thing. You, me, those guys over there… We are ALL Negan, and today, I’m going to show you exactly why he, and by proxy WE, are the best.

*opening credits*

Let me remind you, since the show seems to have a hard time doing it. There are Zombies around! Zombies! Actual living dead every damn place you can imagine! The world took a one way ticket down the highway to hell! … I get that you don’t need a ticket to.. IT’S A GREAT SONG GOD DAN IT!!

… Continuing. Most people look at Negan as a pure, untethered, unhinged crazy psychopath. I tend to disagree. For one… ACTUAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! And he’s got what truly amounts to an army of followers.

Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan just exudes charisma and confidence. Think of it like this. The main thing I’ve ever seen that actor in was as John Winchester from Supernatural.

As well as the Comedian in the Watchmen, another topic I must get to here at some point.

Here… As Negan, I don’t know about you fine folk but I forget he’s done ANYTHING else, and there is only what he’s doing right here. Dad jokes and all.

So here we have a man who commands tens if not hundreds of people directly, as well as having a HUGE influence on how supplies are kept not only for his band but how much OTHERS get to keep! That is one bad ass you want to take out if you’re on the losing side of this world.

… Or do you? I mean, Rick and his group have been shown as the good guys for as long as the series has been running, but how many times do things get undone? EVERY time!

Once he wakes up from his coma, he joins the group, but there’s… what, three members still alive? He brings them to the farm, which then gets overrun by walkers!

From there, it’s off to the prison! Surrounded on all sides by walls, and they start a farm… and a war with the governor. Another safe haven bites the dust.

The truth of the matter is that where Rick and his buddies go, death and destruction follows. They do more damage to the remnants of the human race than even the walkers have done!

And… Negan isn’t even a bad guy! Okay, he’s not a great guy either, but as one killer antagonist once said…

My line of thinking is that if Rick would just calm down, and actually do what is asked of him, the group would have been safe and sound! After all, Negan is only trying to keep everyone together, give them a sense of loyalty. Don’t believe me?

The only reason that man died was because he wanted to kill Rick! Negan saved Ricks life. Spencer was a traitorous man, there was no way anybody could trust him, let alone a man like Negan who has spent, for all intents and purposes, YEARS fostering peace between each of the factions. If Spencer was willing to sell out Rick, yeah, he would be just as willing to murder Negan if the opportunity presented itself.

Then again, sometimes you won’t just get a chance handed to you. Sometimes, you need to make an opportunity for yourself.

That’s right, the Cyclops kid has had enough of playing second fiddle in the goings on at Alexandria, and takes matters into his own hands! You’d think that a man who is so intent on striking fear and loathing in the hearts of his enemies would kill the kid on sight… but NO!

They capture him in such a way as to show Carl just how good Negan really is! He gets a tour of the facility, led by our Defendant personally! At first, like anyone who is about to murder someone, Carl seems to think he’s a dead man walking. How does Negan respond?

That’s right, Negan is actually impressed with how the young man is handling himself! In reality, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Daryl takes a swing at Negan in the very first episode OF this season, and refuses to kill him.

Negan is clearly a big fan of people standing up for themselves. The more you rebel, the BETTER for his army!

And it’s not just the ability to fend for yourself. Take a look at how he reacts to Carl’s face.

Under normal circumstances a physical deformity would be a hindrance in the zombie apocalypse. Clearly, Carl is not being held back by his inability to make glasses look good. A monacle maybe, but not glasses.

But no, Negan, the supposed “big bad” for the last two seasons is ordering the kid to keep the eye patch off. To not back down just because life dropped kicked him directly to his face!

Despite trying to instill fear in the hearts and minds of his enemies, we see almost a softer side of Negan here. Not even soft… a father like quality, nurturing and even a bit impressed with just how Carl managed to sneak into his safe haven in the first place!

Now naturally any time someone takes on their antagonist and failing, getting captured, the first thing you do is fear for your life! The thing here is, Negan wants none of that! He appreciates a good test of his throne! The one thing he doesn’t want is fear.

Throughout the entire series, Rick stirs up trouble, leaving nothing but death and destruction in his wake. Friend and foe alike. But Negan? He has rules, and the ability to see the potential in those who serve him, and quite frankly, that’s more than any of the protagonists of The Walking Dead can claim to have done recently.

*closing Statements*

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into the positive aspects of Negan. Whether it be in his ability to charm his allies AND enemies into doing his bidding, or even just the fact that he does what our protagonists try to do, but better, Negan is the type of villain that I absolutely LOVE to watch on any sized screen.

And when we think of just who he is, let us all remember what his core values are. Not chaos, or destruction, a common downfall to a lot of evil doers, but honor, trust, and giving to a higher power… a higher power by the name of Negan.

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But for now, in the case of Negan… The Defense Rests.