No jokes, no lies. Chris Taylor, the Advocate of the Devil is quitting. We had some fun, but there are other projects that he will be working on, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Chris Taylor and… you may be wondering why I’m not in a suit right now.

The short answer is… I’m quitting. The Devil’s Advocate is going away.

Let me preface this by saying that, unlike most other Youtube endeavors where one person leaves, there is no drama involved. Dan and BD and I are still friends, we still support each other, and truly want each other to succeed. I will still be watching what they do, helping out however I can.

This is also not to say that I’m leaving the channel, just that it is no longer my number one priority.

Here’s the thing about Youtube. If you want to make it on this platform, you need to do one of three things: Make clickbait video’s, push out content daily, or be one of the lucky few that just magically pops.

I refuse to make Clickbait. It’s just not in me. I believe in my work too much to belittle it with such a terrible idea. I would LOVE to have the time to bring out daily content, but if I were to do that the quality would drop dramatically, and I would rather put out good episodes less often instead of shit episodes on the daily.

That last one… Well, obviously we haven’t just gotten a million subscribers in an afternoon. And that’s fine. We didn’t start this channel expecting to make instant money. We knew it was going to take a long time, nowadays a VERY long time to get a following.

So if I knew this going in, why am I quitting?

Well, first and foremost I’m a writer. I have other things that I’ve been dying to get started on, all of which have been put aside in an effort to move forward on the show. I don’t regret it in the slightest, but it does go back to what I said earlier. I would rather focus on one thing, and make it the absolute best that I can, instead of splitting myself up in multiple directions and not be able to make one a priority.

For another… We’ve been working on this for almost two years now. Our subscribers are still rising up… but the viewership isn’t. It’s a little disheartening to put your all into something and not have it seen by people.

I’m a little burnt out. And if there’s one thing I know is that if you’re not 100% devoted to something, the quality is going to slip and you’re not going to be making the best whatever that you’re working on that it could be. That could mean episodes on a youtube channel, music, other writing, whatever.

With that being said, I am not fully leaving the channel. I do have other things that I will try and post here, it just won’t be on a scheduled basis like The Devil’s Advocate was. I’m going to take some time to relax, recharge the batteries, and make sure that what I DO put out is quality, something that I can be proud of.

To all of you who have been watching every week, commenting, sharing what we do, thank you so much. I am incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish here, and the experience I’ve gained while being here. But for now… I need to go away for a little while.

Thank you to everyone for all your support, and i can’t wait to see the future of this channel.

*Walks off, green screen flickers to the normal courtroom backdrop. I leap back into the scene, wearing the suit*

But if you think I’m not going to exploit myself even in this moment, then clearly you haven’t been paying attention to the channel after all. This week, I defend quitting.

Jobs. We all need them, but we never actually want them. It would be a lot better if we could just stay at home watching Netflix and playing video games. Forever.

But that’s not life. Life is responsibilities and chores, and leaving the comfort of your own home to make your bosses rich. Well, richer than you anyways. My first line of thought: When is it okay to quit your job?

Firstly, make sure you have ANOTHER job lined up first. There’s an unseen law of the Universe that basically says it’s easier to find a new place of employment as long as you’re already employed. If you aren’t already working, it’s just harder to find work. I don’t get it.

Secondly, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Boss wants you to work a Friday night? Not a good reason. Boss not giving you proper compensation, refuses to give you your yearly raise, doesn’t give you back pay when he finally DOES give you that raise, and basically treats you with zero respect? Yeah, that’s a good reason to leave him high and dry.

The thing is, as we’ve already covered here, as a manager you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. As an employee, you need to have some personal respect. There are lines, limits that constantly get pushed. Just make sure you aren’t breaking those limits for the wrong reasons, or the wrong people.

Speaking of wrong people, relationships. There’s a good chance if you’re watching this that you’ve been in at least one relationship. If you’ve been in more than one, then at LEAST one of those has ended poorly! One of you decided to quit.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean that things weren’t better off over! Let me explain.

People change. Daily. You are not the same person you were last month, or last week, or even yesterday. The same rules apply to every person on the planet. We are the culmination of every experience we have.

Sometimes, two people who are extremely compatible at one point in their life end up being on entirely different paths in the LONG run. Or sometimes, the longer you stay with someone, you start seeing things that you didn’t at the beginning, and it turns out that you just aren’t right for each other.

Does that make them a bad person? No, absolutely not. Once again, you need to hit a certain limit before calling it quits makes sense. He didn’t do the dishes that one time? She wasn’t in the mood to give you a blow job a month ago? Yeah, not great reasons to end things.

But let’s say you’ve been together for years. One of you wants to have kids, but the other doesn’t. To him, getting married is essentially just having a piece of paper, it doesn’t matter, you’re going to stay dedicated to one another anyways. But to her… maybe Marriage is exactly what she needs to let her know that you are in fact committed to her for the rest of your life.

Relationships are about two people working together, being a team. But it has to be right for both of you. If your life is better off without the other person in a romantical sense, maybe it’s time to call it quits.

So that’s two points in favor of the end. We need a third. And I can’t think of any better example than this.

I love Sam and Dean Winchester. I think it’s phenomenal that this series has carried on like a wayword son for 13 seasons, and that it got renewed for a 14th one. But you know what I mentioned earlier, about not being as good? This show has been out of idea’s since season fucking 7.

The magic, to me at least, about this show’s earlier seasons is the little nuggets of information you get when you rewatch it. Season’s one to five, the original plot line involving lucifer and the angels, there is so much forshadowing in the earlier seasons.

Every episode had it’s own plot, which fed into the plotline of that season, which in turn fed into the over all gloriousness of the first five seasons. Supernatural is a perfect example of a show that should have quit while it was ahead.

And it didn’t. And the quality has suffered for it. The situations are just rehashes of previous entries, just done… not as well. How many times to the Winchesters get to die and come back? How many characters are going to make a return despite having no reason to?

And Scooby Doo? You had a cross over with Scooby Doo… how the Fuck does that even make sense?

The problem with all sorts of stories is that you need to keep raising the stakes. But there’s normal limits and then comical ones, even for a fantasy story. The apocalypse is basically the ceiling. Anything after that is just jumping the shark.

By the way, that’s a term coined thanks to another show that didn’t quit while it was ahead.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into some damn good reasons to quit. Whether it be in the job that doesn’t fulfill you anymore, or a relationship that doesn’t make you happy anymore, quitting is not always a bad thing.

And if you need anymore reason, look at the television shows that just refuse to quit. Are they as good as they were previously? Probably not. I know it, and deep down, you know it too.

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But most importantly, let us know in the comments below what you think. Are you sad to see me go, even if it’s only for a little while? Or maybe my exit from the channel, temporary as it may be, is the best thing to happen to it. By all means, let your own views clash with my own… so that I may proceed to prove you wrong.

But for now, in the case of quitting… The Defense rests.

… Notice how there’s still some room at the end of that? That’s just a reminder to all of you out there that I may in fact come back to this show after all, if there’s a topic that really warrants an episode.

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