In all the history of Disney villains, there are few as vile, conniving, and downright evil as the Lion King’s Scar. He flat out murder’s his own brother! But is he necessarily a bad guy?

This week, Chris Taylor takes on Scar as his defendant, pointing out all the good that he has done, and maybe showing you a different side of things as well.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Chris Taylor, and I am the Advocate of the Devil.

Before wrapping this sweet looking Ducky Tie around my neck and defending the undefendable, I went by a different name. The AssClown King. I was loud, abrasive, a complete and total Douche Nozzle.

So basically the same as I am now, except without a script. It wasn’t pretty. Don’t look it up, and definitely don’t look in the description for a link to that old channel.

I bring this up because I’ve always felt a certain link between myself and other figures of royalty. It’s arrogant, but it’s also how I feel, don’t you judge me!

One of my favorite kings of all time isn’t even a human one! No, he’s the *ahem* Main Event! He’ll sink his claws into you. It’s a helluva tale. If I’m Lion, I’m dyin! The Lion King!

…. Buuuuut here’s the thing: Most people have it all wrong. The real, the BEST King in that movie wasn’t Mufasa, and it sure as shit wasn’t Simba. Today, I’m defending Scar!

*opening credits*

Now that is one hell of a statement to make, am I right? How can Scar even think to compete with the two ACTUAL Kings in this movie? After all, Mufasa was voiced by Darth Freaking Vader! And Simba… by the worm guy from the 90’s Godzilla movie.

Well, actually that’s quite simple. See throughout the movie we see Mufasa and son frolicking around Pride Rock, explaining the intricacies of life and death, absolutely brilliant foreshadowing on Disney’s part by the way.

But that’s pretty much it. We hear about a dark shadowy place that Simba is expressly forbidden from ever entering, and naturally the arrogant little hell cat flat out ignores his father! The point here is rather simple: We never see them actually DO anything!

Instead, we see Mufasa bully a trio of Hyenas into submission. Even though Simba was, for all intents and purposes, trespassing on their land! Crossing an illegal border!

The little cub … Well…

He also dances around all happy about being next in line to rule the land, essentially wanting his father to kick the bucket so that he can rule the roost. Passing his uncle, who would have been next in line!

But thanks to a little trickery, and an alliance stronger than family ties, Scar takes his rightful place. Which leads me to my first main point: Scar Fostered peace between Lion and Hyena.

Think about it: That Dark Shadowy place was no longer out of bounds with Scar wearing the crown! Thanks to Scar, NOT Mufasa and certainly not that bratty little Simba, there was peace throughout the land.

Now getting to that point, as I did just say, did take some trickery. A lie really. And any good Disney flick needs the death of a parental figure. And once The King had a Great Fall..

… I.. I’m not crying. There’s something in my eye… *completely blocks face*

Sorry. I’m back.

So yes, Scar is the bad guy here, but it’s a story about Royalty and Responsibility. IF there’s one thing that we can learn from the Queen of England is that being in that position is like a marriage: It’s until death does you part. Or in Mufasa’s case, to be torn apart.

But usually in royal lines that responsibility gets passed down the family tree, and what does Simba do?

Now what kind of a leader runs away when the going gets tough? Not a REAL leader! No matter how hard things get, you don’t just decide to up and leave. You face your job with as much dignity as you can muster.

Sadly at this point in time, Simba hardly has any dignity at all. Luckily for the Animal Kingdom… Oh wow, I totally didn’t get that until now… Luckily Scar, being Mufasa’s brother, is also a member of the family and thus eligible to be king. Hell, it would have been had Simba never been born.

But yes, he is the bad guy. The Villain!

And it took the murder of the present King to create an opportunity for Scar to take that crown for himself. So he climbs up the top of the gorge and throws Mufasa down into the stampede of Wildebeasts.

That would still keep Simba alive though. So what does our defendant do? He makes like most of the politicians of the real world and lies his ass off! And it works! For years Simba is out of the picture, to allow a REAL leader to run things for a while.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a Disney movie without some kind of heroic return on the part of the character taking up the most room on the DVD Box Art. And under normal circumstances, this is where the antagonist is over powered and out numbered! Which brings me to my final, and most important point.

Because this is the point where most villains would back peddle, or retreat outright! In one case the villain turns themselves into a giant black dragon, but this isn’t that story.

Instead, Scar stands up straight, looks Simba dead in the eye and gets him to take the blame for the death of Mufasa!

That takes a metric ton of testicles to be caught dead to rights, have the rightful heir to the throne show up right in the middle of your reign and not falter. Where most villains in the greater Disney-verse would have been stopped cold right there, Scar proves his worth where most would fail.

Of course, by the end of the movie, the truth is revealed and Scar is eaten alive by the very animals he allied himself with to get into power in the first place. But in my mind, and my heart, Scar will always be the one true Lion King.

*closing statements*

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into why Scar was the very best candidate for Ruler of Pride Rock. Whether it be in the peace he orchestrated between Hyena and Lion Kind, or even in the selfless way he stood in as Interim King while Simba was off Hakuna Matata-ing, Scar was a leader we could all look up to, and adore.

And when the time came, when Simba finally got off his ass and went back home, Scar differentiated himself from all the other antagonists by sticking to his guns and refusing to back down. Hell, that’s a trait that most hero’s have trouble with at one time or another.

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But for now, in the case of Scar… The Defense Rests.