Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Chris Taylor, and I am the Advocate of the Devil!
Being an adult is hard. You need a job, to pay rent and bills, you need to buy and cook your
own food! And if you’re like me and are … well, not the healthiest eater on the planet, you’re
going to have to schedule your own doctor’s appointments too.
The point is, you’re always going to be so busy with living your life that you might not
necessarily have time for your favorite hobbies. Mine happens to be writing for this show, and
gaming! Lately, it’s been more the former than the latter that I can actually do!
On the bright side, it takes me an hour and a half to public transit my way to my full time non-
Youtube work. Yes, there is a bright side to that. Handheld gaming! And despite doing an
episode already about mobile gaming… let’s face facts here, the one gaming company that’s
managed to stay in the mobile market is Nintendo.
Nowadays we get 3D with our system, but even before with systems like the Game Boy
Advance, the original Nintendo DS, all quality game systems. And not a single other company
has managed to compete with the likes of the Big N as it pertains to this aspect of gaming…
… Buuuuut here’s the thing: There is one system that didn’t just manage to go toe to toe with
Nintendo, but managed to make a high quality, versatile, dare I say EXCELLENT hand held
system. And that is Sony with their PSP.

Right here in 2017, we are so spoiled for choice, and technological advances. The phones that
we carry around in our pockets do more than just make calls, they can take photo’s, record
movies! And play games! We need one device to do damn near anything imaginable!
But that’s now… in 2017. The PSP was a system that was released in 2005. That’s over a
decade ago! I truly think that we take for granted just how quickly technology has advanced,
since back when the PSP was first released, it was the first of it’s kind to do all sorts of things
right out of the box.
Want to listen to music? Plug in a usb cord from the system to your computer and copy it on
over. Have photo’s you want to show to all your friends? Do the same thing, just copy and
paste it into the right folder!
The PSP wasn’t just a game system, it was a multimedia tool that allowed you to do just about
everything at once. Well, one thing at a time anyways, but it was a start!
But that’s all well and good as a bonus feature. After all, this is supposed to be a GAME
system, and any system will live or die by the library of games available to it.

The one thing that I will say is that… UMD’s are strange. They’re these tiny little CD’s that
come encased in this plastic holder and… yeah, when I first got a hold of one, I almost broke it.
No joke, I was trying to take the CD out of the little holder thinking I only needed that.
Thankfully I didn’t get too far before I tried to just put it in as is, and it worked like a charm.
I first got mine as a birthday gift, in April of the year it launched, and it came with a Demo disc…
wow, anybody else remember demo discs? Anyways, that, a UMD version of Spiderman 2, and
Gretzky NHL. Sure, as a Canadian that hockey game should have been my pride and joy… but
I’m not much of a sports fan.
Over the course of the system’s lifespan, I’ve amassed a collection of over 100 games. And
that’s just counting the ones I own physically. More on that in a moment.
Racing games, RPG’s, platformers, you name it and I probably own it. On the message boards
around this time, I kept seeing this referred to as the Playstation one point five, and that’s a
highly accurate statement to make. From a graphical standpoint, that’s pretty much where this
console was. And the wide assortment of games helped solidify it in my mind as one of the
Now, that’s not to say that there weren’t problems either. Namely there was only one control
stick instead of the two that we’ve all grown accustomed to at this point, but that just means that
game publishers had to get creative with how their games controlled. Besides, the right stick,
the one that was missing here, normally would be used to control the camera. If the camera
was programmed properly, not an issue.
The other issue however is the battery life. The PSP was notorious for not lasting long enough
for extended play sessions. And while at the time, with the Game Boy Advance and the
Nintendo DS both lasting maybe 8 hours each depending on the game, the PSP having less
than half that was just depressing.
But then there’s the factor of it being the first of it’s kind. Not only for Sony bringing out a
handheld, not only for the amount of things that the system could do… but also for the WAY that
you could play!
See, it was late in the PSP’s timeline when Sony released a new version, the PSP Go. All the
same functionality, but in a smaller, foldable format. AND… no UMD’s.
See the PSP wasn’t just the first to be a multimedia console. It was also the first handheld that
you could play games digitally instead of on a proprietary format ala UMD. So if you went to
your local gamestore and saw…. I dunno, Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories being sold for
thirty dollars. Then you went home, connected to your wifi, and checked out the Sony store,
you may have seen that very same game for much less. Options ladies and gents.

More than just different ways of playing it’s own games, but in other digital offerings as well.
There were PSP mini’s, cheap little games that can be jumped into and out of at a moments
notice. Some of them were fun. But that’s not what I’m referencing.
The entire collections of the original Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomb raider, just about every
Final Fantasy up to 9 AND tactics!
Not only did the PSP have a slew of it’s own games, but it had a metric ton of PS1 games to
choose from as well. All classics.
Now the bad news of course is that now you can’t access it. You can’t log in to the Playstation
Store straight from the PSP anymore. But you CAN access it through a PS3, which you can
then take the controllers charge cable, hook it up to your sony handheld, and transfer away.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary I do hope I managed to shed some light into the
ways that Sony’s first handheld actually put up a fight next to the juggernaut that is Nintendo.
Whether it be in all the different extra things you can do with your console, or even just the
lineup of solid titles available all on it’s own, the PSP, at the time, was a force to be reckoned
And while physical copies of it’s games grow increasingly more difficult to acquire, digitially they
are still available to those who have that option… at least until Sony closes the shop down.
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own… so that I may proceed to prove you wrong.

But for now, in the case of Sony’s Playstation Portable… The Defense Rests.