Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate true love. Chocolates and Dates and… That thing we all do with another human being that requires nudity and a flat ish surface.

However, not everyone can celebrate. Valentine’s day is mostly for couples, and Chris believes he can fix that. Hence, the creation of a new holiday.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Chris Taylor and as promised, this is a very special episode of The Devil’s Advocate!

Should the timing for this be correct, as I do believe it is, this is the fourteenth of February, Valentines day! Love is in the air, chocolate is being purchased, and dates are being had! For those of us who are in loving, caring relationships, it’s truly good times.

But that’s not everybody. There are a lot of people out there who are not in fact with a significant other, and as stated here on this show before, that’s okay.

Me, I try and do my best to see things from all angles, from as many perspectives as possible. And that is why I, in my travels in the world, have created something for all. Operation L.O.V.E., and this week’s episode is for all the ins and outs of this holiday of my creation.

You may be asking yourself, What the hell does that Abbreviation even stand for? It’s actually quite simple. L.O.V.E. Lower Our Visual Ego!

It’s a simple expression but it requires a bit of explanation. See, before I was happily involved, I was unhappily browsing around the social media’s. Entirely too much. Seriously, 90% of my time was spent just scrolling through Facebook, and as someone who was trying to deal with depression… yeah, not the best of ideas. Especially around this time of year.

It’s wonderful when two people come together in an effort to come together, but the sheer amount of photo’s and messages and Hashtag “My Boyfriend is better than yours”… it’s ridiculous. It’s too much!

And then a light bulb went off above my head, Cartoon style. What if there was a way to include EVERYONE into this time of year? What if there was something I could do to help those such as myself at that time.

No, I’m not an altruist. Sue me. But don’t sue me, I’m not actually a lawyer.

It started off as a simple request. I know you guys love to share how happy and joyful you are at all times, why else would the Facebooks and the Insta-twits and all those other things even exist? L.O.V.E: Lower our visual ego!

Both my love for calling attention to myself AND wordplay was sated, at least for a moment. And then it hit me, or more specifically a friend called me out: How is this actually helping anyone?

The short answer was that it wasn’t. It was highly antagonistic, purely hostile, plain and simple. It was essentially me begging people to stop being happy at a time when I was miserable. How hypocritical can you get?

There was nothing helpful at all in the early infancy of this idea of mine. Just a request that people stop sharing photo’s, stop bragging about how in bliss that they were. I didn’t MEAN for it to come off badly, but there were times when I didn’t mean to drop dishes on the floor, didn’t make them any less broken despite my intent, or lack thereof.

Thankfully, the idea itself was sound, but the execution just needed some tweaking, a second draft if you will. Something I am very familiar with these days. So how to improve on an idea like this? Take it to the next logical conclusion: Actually do something!

Operation L.O.V.E. was never supposed to be about shaming people who were in love, or shining light on negativity, but it WAS supposed to be more inclusionary to those who couldn’t, at least at the time. And so I brainstormed a few ideas and here’s what I came up with.

… Okay, so I’m not much of an idea man. BUT, I didn’t come here empty handed, just full of suggestions.

Maybe tone down the “In your face” aspect of your social media output a tad. We’re happy you’re happy, honest, but overdoing it is just going to push people who are on the other side of that particular fence away.

Speaking of which, send a text or call a friend, tell them how much they mean to you.. .you know, as a friend. We all get caught up in our own lives far more often than we’d like to admit, and taking a few extra minutes just to say “what up” is what this new Holiday was always meant for.

Speaking of which, that text or phone call is a perfect opportunity to make plans to actually hang out! You’re adults, full time jobs and household chores get in the way of everything, not to mention how draining of every ounce of energy it all becomes. While you have those extra few minutes, find a time to just chill, grab a coffee or a movie with your buds. Life is already short enough without all that time being spent doing things that make you unhappy.

It doesn’t sound like much, and the effort it takes to DO any of those things is even less so. Just five minutes to remind those you care about that they still exist to you, even if you don’t see them as much as you’d like. It could very well be the shot in the arm they need during a time that brings quite a bit of sadness, to a few people anyways.

My highest wish during any time is to mitigate a little bit of that unhappiness in the world. To put more joy out there than I take for myself. In large part, that’s what this show has always been about: Being entertaining. At least I hope I am.

Operation L.O.V.E. A self made holiday to do exactly that: Spread joy to those who may not have much reason to BE joyful.
We all get sad and depressed at times. There is no shame in that, and no use denying it either. But if we can spread just a little bit more happiness in the world… sure, it won’t solve the issue, but it may just help someone who needs it.

I don’t want this to just be mine though. I want this to be spread as far out as it possibly CAN be. This is the internet after all, the potential for worldwide domi… I mean, worldwide viewership is there after all.

And with it not just being mine, I turn this over to you guys! Is this a good idea? Do you have any other suggestions on how to make this Holiday more special? Unique? Something more than just a pipe dream in an overly arrogant man’s mind? Let us know in the comments section below what you think!

And if you take these words to heart, let us know how it went! Or in what ways we can improve upon it for the betterment of everybody.

But for now… The Defense Rests.

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