This week on DitD BD goes into deep detail about the 2 trailers for The Last of Us Part 2. Who is the mysterious woman? Could it be Ellie’s mother Anna? Is Joel dead? All this and more!

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What’s up everybody and welcome back to the Devils in the details, I’m BD and let’s just roll it.

The first thing I want to start off by saying is, spoiler warning, if you want to go into The Last of Us part two without knowing a single thing, you might want to switch off right now.

Just make sure to come back and see just how accurate or inaccurate some of the speculation turned out to be…in about 2 years… give or take.

With no release date announced, I would be surprised to see this sequel in 2018, I think it’ll be a 2019 release.

I guess we’ll see, hopefully we will have a release date by the next E3 in June of next year.

Now consider that what I’m about to tell you may be mostly speculation, but some of it might end up being true.

The Last of Us has sold over 8 million copies worldwide, and that’s on a single platform.
So it’s not much of a surprise that a sequel is already in the works.

Although development started in 2014, it wasn’t until after Uncharted was completed
that the developer was able to officially go into full production with the entire team at Naughty Dog working on it.

At last year‘s PlayStation experience, Naughty Dog released the first teaser trailer for The Last of Us Part Two and also held a panel with Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.

Now obviously, once again, Naughty Dog is keeping all it’s little secrets in a vault, inside a bunker that’s in another vault with a moat around it that’s guarded by sharks with laser beams and killer robots.

But there were a few tidbits revealed on this panel, and I’m going to share those with you.

The first thing that Druckman shared with the audience, was the contrast between the first and second game.

The core theme of The first game centered on the love that developed between the two main characters.

The second game however, is it’s complete polar opposite. The second game focusses on hate and anger.

There was also confirmation that the game would take place a few years after the first one and the first trailer released would confirm this, with Ellie having grown into a 19-year-old woman.
The main playable character this time around will be Ellie, and not Joel.

Wether Joel becomes playable anytime during the game remains to be seen.

Gustavo Santaolalla is set to return to compose and perform the score for the sequel.

Naughty Dog is pushing the creative envelope in all respects including character, narrative, visuals, music and sound development.

Using all of the tech and engine improvements they’ve been able to develop over the last few years working on Uncharted.

Within Sony‘s group, they revealed the most advanced character model to date, once again, pushing the boundaries of what they could do.

Allowing flesh to move over bone. Being able to cut to a close up of eyes wasn’t something they could do because they couldn’t render the Fidelity. Now they can.
The first teaser was just that, a teaser.

After watching it for the first time I had so many questions, so I rewatched it quite a few more times to see if I could answer some of those questions.

The trailer opens on a shot of a forest.

As the camera pulls back, a tree can be seen with moss and what looks like quadricep fungus and spores growing on it.

It also seems to of been damaged by an animal, exposing possible claw marks in it.

One of the big questions making its rounds online was, why weren’t animals infected in the first game? Why did the fungus only attack humans?

Might we see infected animals in the second game?

As The trailer continues, we come across a stop sign with the firefly logo spray-painted on it.

So it seems fair to say that the fireflies will most likely be a part of the narrative once again.

And maybe be an even bigger part or more pivotal to the story.

In The first game, Joel tells Ellie that he’s going to teach her how to play guitar.

So the natural progression is depicted here as well, where we can see that Ellie has in fact learned how to play the guitar.

As the shot continues, we see Ellie wearing a gray shirt, just like the one worn by Riley in the the DLC left behind.

Coincidence, or is there a particular reason for that choice.
I wonder.

Ellie’s hand shaking can also mean a few different things, is her resistance to the infection growing weaker as she grows older?

Or is it simply a remnant of adrenaline caused by the apparent battle she just went through?

That is a bloody machete at her feet, and if you remember, she knows how to use a machete.

And then there’s her tattoo, created by artist Nathalie Hall.

Who was also the hand model for Ellie as she plays the guitar.

I think part of the tattoo’s meaning is certainly to cover up her original bite mark, but I also think that there’s much more to it.

With the release of a clear image of her tattoo, you can see that it’s composed of a fern, possibly a spleenwort and most importantly, A moth.

Considering the moths lifecycle, it goes through a complete metamorphosis, no doubt reflecting the changes in Ellie’s life.

Right here you can tell that the attention to detail remains a key ingredient in all of Naughty Dog’s work.

Notice when Ellie goes to tune the guitar, she leaves a bloodstain on the machine head.

And that is Ashley Johnson singing “Through the Valley” written by Shawn James.

Ashley said she had some fear and trepidation to have to sing that song.

Druckman had asked her to put together a quick recording of it, and send it to him.
She sang it so well in fact that they had to bring in a voice and singing coach, Melissa Reese, to help Ashley sing worse.

Reese helped her add some roughness around the edges of the notes, so that she would sound more like Ellie.

We are then lead through a house, following Joel as we go. With bodies strewn throughout its corridors and rooms.

Blood, that still looks fresh, obviously indicating that a fight has recently taken place here.

My question here is, who are they? The most likely answer is that they’re fireflies. But they could also be infected, Hunters.

Or is there a new faction being introduced in the second game, or multiple factions for that matter?

When Joel finally enters the room with Ellie, we never get to see his face, why is that?

We know it’s him because we can recognize his voice, but I have to wonder why the developers chose not to show his face in this trailer?

I also couldn’t help but notice the window in the background with the overgrown ivy spilling over the sill, for some reason that really looked familiar to me.

And the final thing that Ellie says in that trailer.
Who’s them? Who exactly is she referring to?
I have many questions.

Including, but not limited to, is the entire trailer simply a figment of Ellie’s imagination?

Moving onto the second trailer that was recently released at the Paris games week, we get introduced to brand new characters.

In this trailer there is no sign of either Joel nor Ellie.

Instead we meet Yara, Lev, Emily and an unnamed forth character. And it’s this fourth character that has the Internet buzzing.

The main theory being that this could be Ellie’s mother Anna.

Naughty dog released a tweet introducing Laura Bailey as the voice of…blank? Could blank be Anna?

There we’re also a couple of images released by Naughty Dog during “outbreak day” that drop hints as well.

At first, it was assumed that this would probably be Joel’s arm holding the hammer, but after seeing the new trailer, that focus quickly shifted back over to Anna.

And then there’s Emily holding a knife to Anna’s stomach and she says this.

Perhaps knowing of her pregnancy? Or is this just a ritual, the way this faction or fanatic religious cult kills other people, by hanging and eviscerating them, as seen previously in the trailer.

What year does the second trailer take place in? It’s safe to assume they’ll be more time jumps as in the first game.

Which leads to even more questions. If in fact there are time Jumps, will you be playing as other characters besides Ellie? None have been confirmed yet.

I’m anxious to see in which direction Naughty Dog takes The Last of Us Part Two.

How much more of the story will be fleshed out, how, hopefully, some of my questions will be answered.

Which new characters will we be introduced to. Which old characters will return?

2019 is still a ways off, but I’m OK with them taking their time to deliver this next instalment..

I want them to take their time to do these characters justice.

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Shout out to our wonderful patrons. I love all of you guys for your continued support, we will continue to work hard here at D.A.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video, if you have any opinions or theories about what might be waiting for us in The Last of Us Part Two, I would love it if you shared you’re ideas in the comments section down below.

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